Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness
February 2008

Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness 
Working With the Community to End Adult Chronic Homelessness in the Greater Worcester Area
Home Again News February 2008
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Dear Terence,
Welcome to the first edtion of Home Again News.  This monthly newsletter will keep you informed on the progress the Home Again model project is making towards ending adult chronic homlessness in the Greater Worcester area. 
We hope you will find this newsletter an important source of information not only on the Home Again project but also on the issues of the "housing first" approach to ending adult chronic homelessness being used by Home Again.
Leah Bradley, Home Again Project Director



On January 23rd, the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts announced that it was making a $587,655 grant to launch the Home Again program and a $500,000 commitment to the Home Again Housing Loan Fund to end adult chronic homelessness in the Worcester area.


Stressing the fact that chronic homelessness is a health issue, Health Foundation President Jan B. Yost said at the announcement, "Chronically homeless people often have mental and physical illnesses that are exacerbated because they are living on the streets."


Home Again, designed through a collaborative effort of several Worcester area social service providers, is based on the "housing first" model that has reduced homelessness in other cities.


Speaking at the Home Again launch announcement, Lt. Governor Tim Murray voiced his support for the housing first model saying, "Targeting the chronically homeless and ensuring they have access to support services is a proven approach to reduce homelessness and one that we are committed to replicating."


Just weeks after the Worcester City Manager's Task Force on Homelessness released its report supporting the housing first model to end chronic homelessness, City Manager Michael O'Brien attended the Home Again announcement and said, "Funding for the Home Again program represents an important first step in transitioning away from shelter-based housing for homeless individuals and families."


The Home Again Model Project


Home Again believes that only a home ends homelessness. The model project, based on the housing first approach to ending chronic homelessness provides stable homes and support services for individual homeless adults throughout the city of Worcester and the Greater Worcester area. During 2008, housing will be provided both in clustered units (which are all in one building or adjacent to one another) and in scattered sites depending on the needs of the participant. The housing will be located in the city of Worcester and surrounding towns.


Read more about the goals of Home Again


Meet Leah Bradley

Home Again Project Coordinator


Home Again project coordinator Leah Bradley has been working with homeless people for more than 10 years giving her a first-hand view of what homeless people face and how they can achieve self-sufficiency.


Leah acknowledges the importance of the Health Care Foundation of Central Massachusetts' funding and support in the creation and launch of the Home Again project saying, "The Health Foundation has provided us with an opportunity to make a coordinated effort to end chronic homelessness in the Worcester area."


Stressing that the long term goal of Home Again is to create and refine a program for adult chronic homelessness that can be used into the future, Leah says, "We are providing a solution to chronic homelessness by creating an effective model that works for this population."


For Leah, the most exciting aspects of the Home Again project are the commitment of the team made up of a broad cross section of the community and knowing that a solution to homelessness is achievable.  "All of the partners are committed to making this project successful and we believe we can solve this issue for the Worcester area."


Powerful Stories

One of the most powerful ways to learn about chronic homelessness is to hear from those who have lived through it.  Home Again interviewed formerly homeless people to hear directly from them how they became homeless, how they worked to change their lives, and what having a home means to them.

See the Home Again introductory on video here

About Home Again
Home Again has created and implemented a model program that will reduce the number of chronically and pre-chronically homeless adults who live on the streets, consistently use emergency shelters and rely on emergency rooms for all their medical needs. Home Again serves chronically and pre-chronically homeless adults by providing them immediately with permanent housing, community-based support services, and a case management staff who assist with access to health care, mental health and employment services.