Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness
April 2008

Working With the Community to End Adult Chronic Homelessness in the Greater Worcester Area
Home Again News April 2008
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After over a year of hard work and careful planning, the first three Home Again participants moved into apartments in Worcester and two more participants will soon be housed. These apartments will do more than just provide shelter - they will be homes, with all the security, comfort and pride that any of us associate with our own homes.


One of the program participants lived on the streets for more than 15 years before moving into his new home on April 1st.  After facing years of adversity and endless waiting lists for services, he had to be convinced by our staff that his new home was not an "April Fools" joke.


The participants are examples of the clients the Home Again program is designed to serve through the "housing first" model.  One participant has been chronically homeless for over a decade, living in the streets or in temporary shelters and using the emergency room for his medical needs.  After these many years, he will finally be able to focus on his health and well-being.


The two other participants are pre-chronic, meaning they were living on the streets for a shorter period of time but are showing signs of heading into a life of chronic homelessness. Early intervention is often successful and significantly reduces the number of hours, weeks and years these individuals would have spent in temporary shelters. 


Now, by having a stable home and access to support services, these participants will have the opportunity and help they need to reclaim their lives, and reach their fullest potential.  All of these participants told us that they are eager to take advantage of the services we provide and that they want to give back by helping others get off of the streets as soon as possible.


When they turned the key to their new apartments, these first Home Again participants turned a corner into a new life.  We are confident that the Home Again program will demonstrate that when you elevate the life of an individual in need, you improve the quality of life for all in the community.

Brooke Doyle
Home Again Project Director




The Home Again team is deeply committed to fostering an important public dialogue around creating solutions for ending adult chronic homelessness and addressing all aspects of any proposed Home Again clustered housing. We also believe that now is the time to change the existing paradigm surrounding communications with the community to support productive dialogue. 

That is why we have created and made public a statement of principles that defines how we will communicate with the public about the implementation of the Home Again program.

Worcester T&G Columnist Calls Home Again "Most Promising"


Worcester Telegram & Gazette columnist Robert Nemeth writes in his recent column that the Home Again program is "the most promising" among the housing first initiatives being promoted right now.


Read Robert Nemeth's column on Home Again

 Worcester T&G Biz Buzz Column Looks at Home Again and Spencer House

The weekly Biz Buzz column in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette covers the Home Again program.  The piece focuses on Home Again's first clustered housing site, the Lt. Tommy Spencer House, which is named for the Worcester fire fighter who died in the blaze started by a homeless couple in the cold storage facility.  Lt. Spencer's son, Pat, is a Home Again Advisory Council member and volunteered time to work on the house that will soon be a stable home to people who lived on the streets. 
Home Again Project Director Brooke Doyle and Advisory Council Member Walter Spencer speak about how the Lt. Tommy Spencer House and Home Again assists those who are looking to break out of the cycle of chronic homelessness.
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Worcester T&G Prints Letter from Home Again Advisory Council Member

Marge Purves, a member of the Home Again Advisory Council member wrote a letter to the editor on the benefits of the program.


Powerful Stories

One of the most powerful ways to learn about chronic homelessness is to hear from those who have lived through it.  Home Again interviewed formerly homeless people to hear directly from them how they became homeless, how they worked to change their lives, and what having a home means to them.

One of those compelling stories is Thaddeus who had a successful career and even led an attempt on Mount Everest before becoming homeless.

See Thaddeus tell his story here

About Home Again
Home Again has created and implemented a model program that will reduce the number of chronically and pre-chronically homeless adults who live on the streets, consistently use emergency shelters and rely on emergency rooms for all their medical needs. Home Again serves chronically and pre-chronically homeless adults by providing them immediately with permanent housing, community-based support services, and a case management staff who assist with access to health care, mental health and employment services.