Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness
Dr. George Abraham- Physician, Worcester

 Doctor George Abraham, MD has seen the toll that chronic homelessness can take on a person.  As a practicing physician who works in Worcester area hospital and volunteer clinics, Dr. Abraham has been closely involved with people suffering from the serious health problems that come with living on the streets through the seasons.


Doctor Abraham joined the Home Again Advisory Council through The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts where he serves as Vice-chair of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Distribution Committee.  "After years of seeing the devastating effects of homelessness on people,  I was very happy to be part of The Health Foundation's grantmaking work, which funds the Home Again project," says Doctor Abraham. "And when the project started, I jumped at the chance to become involved with the Advisory Council and work directly on a solution to chronic homelessness in Worcester."


For Doctor Abraham, it is Home Again's focus on providing a stable home to those who lived on the streets that appeals to him as a doctor and touches him emotionally as a person.  "In technical terms, the project works to solve the problem of chronic homelessness by providing homes to people who were living in temporary shelters or on the street.  On the emotional side, having a home that one can call their own at the end of the day means an incredible amount to any person, and helps one focus on all the other issues such as good health."


After years of working with homeless people facing serious health issues, Doctor Abraham understands that there are stereotypes to overcome.  "As a community, we have to understand that homelessness is caused by many reasons and that those causes do not make people dangerous," says Doctor Abraham. 


Being a part of Home Again's Advisory Council has been a rewarding experience for Doctor Abraham.  "Being involved in the process, listening to the challenges, and working with committed people representing so many parts of the community who are truly altruistic has been inspiring."