Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness
Video Testimonials

Home Again is working to end homelessness in the Greater Worcester area, but we could not fulfill our mission without the dedication and strength we see in our clients to change and improve their lives. These testimonials offer a first-hand view of how one can become homeless, the obstacles homeless people face, and their desire to break out of the cycle of chronic homelessness.

A formerly homeless man tells of being turned out onto the streets as a youth and how he was able to break out of the cycle of chronic homelessness by receiving stable housing and support services.
A man who had been homeless off and on since he was fourteen years old talks about the importance of support services and stable housing.
Formerly homeless man talks about the importance of having a home and support services.
Rose talks about becoming homeless after aging out of the foster system while suffering from mental illness and addiction and how receiving support services and housing got her off the streets, employed and into a GED program.
A formerly homeless man tells his story of becoming homeless after a successful business career.
A formerly homeless woman tells her story about becoming homeless and how receiving services and housing has kept her off of the streets.

Home Again is working to improve the quality of life in the Greater Worcester area by reducing the number of chronically homeless adults living on the streets. In their own words, community leaders from a cross section of Greater Worcester make it clear why people need to come together to end homelessness.

Congressman Jim McGovern
Congressman Jim McGovern talks about who becomes homeless, how it affects our communities, achievable solutions and how Worcester can work together to face this issue.
Judge Luis Perez, Worcester Juvenile Court
Worcester Juvenile Court Judge Luis Perez talks about the community's responsibility to end homelessness.
Professor Sharon Krefetz, Clark University
Professor Sharon Krefetz of Clark University talks about why chronic homelessness is a health issue that drains communities and how providing stable housing and support services can break the cycle of adult chronic homelessnes.
Rev. Barbara Merritt, First Unitarian Church of Worcester
Reverend Barbara Merritt discusses homelessness and the importance of the community coming together to provide solutions.
Pat Spencer, Worcester resident
Worcester resident Patrick Spencer talks about his personal connection to the issue of homelessness in Worcester.
Michael Angelini , Chairman, Bowditch and Dewey
The chairman of Bowditch and Dewey talks about why it is important to end homelessness.