Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness
The Goals of Home Again
  • To Break the Cycle of Adult Chronic Homelessness: Home Again helps homeless adults break out of the cycle of living in emergency shelters or on the street by providing them with permanent housing and community-based support services.
  • To Prevent Those At Risk From Becoming Chronically Homeless: Home Again prevents those who have recently become homeless from entering the cycle of chronic homelessness by intervening and providing them housing and support services to prevent them from becoming chronically homeless.
  • To Improve Quality of Life in Our Communities: Home Again helps improve the quality of life in our communities by reducing the number of homeless adults on the street and lowering the costs to taxpayers associated with providing emergency services to chronically homeless adults.
  • To Rely on Evidence-Based Approaches: In the year leading up to the launch of Home Again, community leaders from a broad cross section of Worcester worked together to research and evaluate other programs designed to end chronic homelessness. By relying on evidence based approaches, adapted to fit the unique needs of the Greater Worcester area, Home Again expects to create a successful model for the future.
  • To Create the Best Program Possible: Home Again will closely assess, evaluate and modify the model program until it provides the best results possible and can then be implemented on a larger scale throughout Massachusetts and the country.