Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness
The Director's Welcome Message

Welcome to the Home Again website.

We developed this site to provide the community with information and updates on the Home Again project, its progress in meeting goals, and the people behind the project - both those leading the way and those being served.

We are well aware that chronic homelessness is a major challenge to the Greater Worcester area, but we also know that a solution is achievable. At Home Again, we believe that Only a Home Ends Homelessness.

Progress.  That is a very important concept at the heart of our commitment to end chronic homelessness.  Progress means moving toward achieving your goals, but it also captures the importance of patience and determination in reaching that goal.  That is something we see every day in the Home Again participants who work very hard to improve their lives by breaking out of the cycle of chronic homelessness.


Even in the early stages of the Home Again program we are seeing encouraging progress with our clients.  The preliminary results in the long-term  evaluation of the program show that the Home Again clients are healthier, rely less on emergency services, believe they have a better quality of life, and use alcohol and other substances less than those who are receiving the standard care offered to chronically homeless adults.  These marked improvements in the lives of our clients are the result of having a place to call home and access to support services, which is at the core of the Home Again mission.


James, a resident of  Home Again’s Spencer House, is just one example of why we are seeing these early signs of success. James once had a home and a family, but lost it all and spent years living on the streets and temporary shelters.  When he was approached to become a participant in Home Again, he embraced the opportunity to take control of his life through the permanent housing and support services we provide.  Today, James is not only improving his own life, but takes the time to reach out and help others, who like him, are facing the daunting challenge of crossing over the threshold into a new home and a better life.


There are also signs of progress in the broader efforts to end adult chronic homelessness.  The Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance just released a report on its statewide housing first program, Home &Healthy for Good, with data showing that when chronically homeless people are placed in housing first programs their annual Medicaid costs to the Commonwealth plummet by an average of $17,624.00 per person.  The Home and Healthy for Good report also shows an impressive 84 percent housing stability rate among participants in the program.


The Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance recently came out with their annual Point in Time Survey, which shows steady progress in reducing the number of chronically homeless people in temporary shelters in the City of Worcester for the second year in a row.  These results indicate that housing first is causing homeless individuals to see an improvement in their health while improving the quality of life in the city and lowering the costs associated with chronic homelessness.



While we are encouraged by these signs of progress, we know there is a lot of work to be accomplished.  We will keep doing all we can to see even greater progress in each individual who is looking to improve their life and in our efforts to end chronic homelessness altogether.




Brooke Doyle,

Project Director,

Home Again