Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness

Home Again is committed to improving the quality of life in our communities by helping homeless adults achieve housing stability, improve their health, and enjoy a better quality of life. By reducing the number of chronically homeless adults living on the streets, Home Again is helping lower costs to taxpayers incurred when homeless adults rely on emergency services for shelter and emergency rooms for health care.

Throughout the process of developing the model program, Home Again relied on a diverse group of community representatives who helped identify successful evidence-based approaches to solving chronic homelessness and consider how those programs could best be adapted to the unique qualities of the Greater Worcester area.

Since Home Again provides housing for our clients from rental properties on the open market and acquired properties, the program is not taking properties off the tax rolls. When we use existing rental properties as part of the program, Home Again -and those we support who must pay 30 percent of their incomes towards rent- are paying property taxes by paying rent.

Because Home Again prides itself on being a good neighbor, and as we help others work toward improving their lives, we are open to hearing community questions and suggestions. Should you have any you would like to share, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before and After Photos of Housing Refurbished by Social Service Programs