Home Again: Only a Home Ends Homelessness

Home Again has created and implemented a model program that will reduce the number of chronically and pre-chronically homeless adults who live on the streets, consistently use emergency shelters and rely on emergency rooms for all their medical needs. The model program will be evaluated, assessed and updated until it provides the best results possible and can be implemented on a broader scale.

Home Again serves chronically and pre-chronically homeless adults by providing them immediately with permanent housing, community-based support services, and a case management staff who assist with access to health care, mental health and employment services.

The Home Again model program was created by a diverse and experienced planning committee and is based on the best practices of housing first programs proven successful in other communities, which were adapted for the Greater Worcester area. The program is funded by The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts.

Working with the community to end adult chronic homelessness in Greater Worcester
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